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    4G/Wi-Fi hotspot “Beeline” Internet at home and outdoor Appearance and review of 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot controls Appearance Micro USB connector for connection to computer or charger. LED indicators. Power button. Hold button to turn on/off the device. WPS button (Wi-Fi protected setup) and on/off Wi-Fi. Hold button for 5 seconds to activate WPS.

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    LED indicators status description Indicat Name Status Description Critical battery level. Please, connect Blinking red charger. Solid red Low battery. Blinking Charging battery. green Battery Middle battery level or battery is fully Solid green charged. Device is turned off, in stand by mode and not charging, or battery is removed.

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    Getting started Step 1. Installation of USIM card Remove flip on side of the device. Insert USIM card into the router in right direction. Make sure that USIM card is tightly inserted. Attention: Correct work of router and software is guaranteed only with "Beeline" USIM. To reset MF 920 to factory defaults press button as per picture below.

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    Step3. Connection router with other devices Connection via USB cable Connect USB cable to router, then connect USB jack to any free USB port of PC. Connection via Wi-Fi Make sure that your router is turned on. Start searching wireless networks on device, which you want connect to router. Note: you must set automatically obtain IP address in device settings, which you are going to connect with router.

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    PC’s with Apple Mac OS X Open the disk Beeline, which appears on the desktop. If there is no any Beeline disk on the desktop, then press keyboard keys simultaneously and on the left side of the opened Devices window select Beeline disk.

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    Error. No network or USIM card not Solid red inserted. Solid green Registered in 2G/3G network. Registered in 2G/3G network and Blinking gree connected to Internet. Data transfer is Network signal active. Solid blue Registered in 4G network. Registered in 4G network and Blinking blue connected to Internet.

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    Note: You can write or remember network SSID and password of Wi-Fi network. It will be need it if you plan to connect to router via Wi-Fi. Step 2. Power on Hold power button on body of device and do not release, before LED indicators will be turned on. Step3.

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    PC’s with Microsoft® Windows® OS Installation of the 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot "Beeline" application starts automatically after a time. Wait installation program starts and follow its prompts. During installation do not disconnect the router from PC. If automatic installation fails to start, install it manually: Open Computer.

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    Name Description Status bar displays current USIM card status, current network type Status bar, and signal strength. language bar Language bar allows you to quickly switch WEB UI language. On click will open Wi-Fi settings section, which allows you configure Wi-Fi Info Wi-Fi, check current list of connected devices via Wi-Fi.

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    Internal pages. All internal pages made using one template. Each page contain information and control elements according with section name. Name Descrption Displays current section title. On click will open Section header main menu, which allows you to move between main sections of WEB UI.

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    data connection. Also displays current connection status and current upload/download rate. Access to the Internet Connection to the Internet 1. Open WEB UI in your WEB browser and click on Connection tile. In few seconds, your PC will connect to Internet. Note: in Settings section you can enable Autoconnect option to establish connection automatically.

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    • The addressee will receive your SMS with the text: "This subscriber asks you to top-up his or her/his account". Regarding the request delivery you’ll be notified with SMS as well. Attention: You can ask for money from another subscriber maximum 5 times a day (a day refers to a time interval between 00:00 and 24:00, Moscow time).

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    Advanced features This section briefly describes advanced features when using the 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot “Beeline”. SMS-communication To communicate with your friends use the services available in the 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot Beeline” “ program, Communication section. To open Communication section open WEB UI and click on Messages tile.

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    In Wi-Fi Internet section you can set connection settings to other router, to use data connection of this device providing access to this data connection to all devices, which is connected to 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot “Beeline” via Wi-Fi or USB cable. In Information section you can see current information about network status, Internet connection, check USIM card status and current software version of device.

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    Using the “Mobile payment” service No need to go out to pay. With the service of Mobile payment you can regularly pay any time through a convenient web-site menu. Now, it is possible for plastic cards owners of Alpha-bank, Russkii standard and VTB 24. If you have any of the cards above, first register it through a cash machine of your bank.

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    Appendix 2. How to change APN profile 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot Beeline” is preconfigured for working in “Beeline” network. Do not change APN profile “ settings without necessity. If you want to change APN profile settings, make as follows: • Open WEB UI and click on Settings tile. In section menu choose Connection item. •...

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    Battery Information Manufacturer: ZTE Model: Li3820T43P3h715345 Capacity: 2000 mAh(7.6 Wh) Type: Li-Ion Nominal Voltage: 3,8 V Limited charge voltage: 4,35 V Standard: GB / T 18287 • Battery is not removable; • Do not disassemble or short circuit the battery;...

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    Router operation rules • Use router and USIM card with care, store them in clean places without dust, do not expose to fire. • Always keep it dry. • Do not drop, throw and bend the router. • Do not scratch or paint the router. •...

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    Microsoft. Liability limitation PJSC VimpelCom and ZTE Corporation shall not be liable for any loss of profit, indirect or special damages, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the device no matter whether ZTE Corporation and PJSC VimpelCom were informed, knew or should have known about the possibility of such damages.

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    Authorization. To access 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot settings you need to enter a password on the login page. Default password - admin. Enter your password and click "Login”. Main page. Contain links to all sections, and also information about current router status, network information etc.

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    section for sending USSD Services tile commands, for checking current balance, phone number etc. On click will open Help section with Help tile information about device. Check balance Allows you to check your current tile balance. Internal pages. All internal pages made using one template. Each page contain information and control elements according with section name.

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    subsection. Use this menu to switch between functions of current subsection. Display current Subsection content subsections content. On click allows you to connect/disconnect your data connection. Connection status tile Also displays current connection status and current upload/download rate. Access to the Internet Connection to the Internet 1.

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    Asking for money from another subscriber • Open WEB UI and click on Manage services tile. • In drop-down menu choose Give me money item. • Enter phone number of the subscriber you want to ask for money to the Enter a phone number field.

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    Service and tariff management To change your tariff, enable or disable any supplementary services, use Manage services section options. To change your tariff or enable/disable and additional services, make as follows: • Open WEB UI. Click on Manage Services tile. •...

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    In Device section you can change current password to access WEB UI, modify SMS settings, make factory reset of device settings, reboot device, set power save mode, check for software update and change PIN code of USIM card. Be careful and cautious when setting up and entering PIN and PUK. If you enter incorrect PIN for 3 times, your USIM will be blocked.

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    Appendix 1. Payment methods Trusted Payment service If your account balance has almost no money and you have no possibility to top-up your balance, you can request Trusted Payment. According to your request “Beeline” will temporarily top-up your account's balance and you will have up to 3 days to return this money back to “Beeline”! To get Trusted Payment: •...

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    Note: Number of banks whose clients can free of charge replenish their balance using bank cards is increasing. For details and actual list of banks see Mobile telephony > How to pay at , and “Beeline” http://www.beeline.ru distribution offices. Payment with cash In shops, petrol stations, etc.

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    Get credit Enter *100# and push [Send] Appendix 2. How to change APN profile 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot Beeline” is preconfigured for working in “Beeline” network. Do not change APN profile “ settings without necessity. If you want to change APN profile settings, make as follows: •...

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    32/64 bit, 8 (8.1) 32/64 bit, 10 32/64 bit) and Apple Mac OS X (10.9, 10.10, 10.11). * - A stable operation of the router software is not guaranteed, due to the lack of general support for Windows XP, the operating system manufacturer. Battery Information Manufacturer: ZTE Model: Li3820T43P3h715345 Capacity: 2000 mAh(7.6 Wh) Type: Li-Ion...

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    • Browser: Internet Explorer 9 or above; Mozilla Firefox 21.0 or above; Safari 5.0 or above; Opera 12.0 or above; Google Chrome 31.0 or above. • LAN or Wi-Fi network interface to establish connection with device. • Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or above (recommended —1280 x 1024). * - A stable operation of the router software is not guaranteed, due to the lack of general support for Windows XP, the operating system manufacturer.

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    Microsoft. Liability limitation PJSC VimpelCom and ZTE Corporation shall not be liable for any loss of profit, indirect or special damages, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the device no matter whether ZTE Corporation and PJSC VimpelCom were informed, knew or should have known about the possibility of such damages.

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    ZTE MF920 routers specifications

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    General characteristics ZTE MF920

    Type of connection:


    Device type:

    access point

    Built-in support for 3G (UMTS):


    Built-in support for WiMAX:


    Built-in support for LTE:


    Built-in support for LTE Advanced:


    ADSL2+:Recent advances in broadband technology have resulted in the emergence of a new DSL standard, the ADSL2+. This new technology is designed to offer almost three times the downstream rate offered by the current ADSL technology, accompanied by a substantially increased upstream rate, at the same time providing backward compatibility with existing Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). In this article, we present a comparative evaluation of the ADSL2+ against its predecessor technology. The evaluation of these two alternatives is based on their respective performance at the physical layer, according to increasing subscriber loop length. The measured bit rates and corresponding SNR levels determine the actual capabilities of this new technology.


    WiFi Technology:Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections. A common misconception is that the term Wi-Fi is short for "wireless fidelity," however this is not the case. Wi-Fi is simply a trademarked phrase that means IEEE 802.11x.


    Work in two bands simultaneously:


    Max. the wireless connection speed:

    600 Mbit/s

    MIMO:Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) This is an antenna technology which uses multiple channels in radios to provide the functions of both the transmitter and receiver of data signals sent over the network as shown in the figure 3. It provides high spectral efficiency and link reliability facilitating significant increase in the data throughput and radio link usage without additional bandwidth and transmission power. This high efficiency is due to the availability of an independent path in a rich scattering environment for each transmitter and receiver antennas in the radio.


    Support IEEE 802.1q (VLAN):


    Support IPv6:IPv6 is short for "Internet Protocol Version 6". IPv6 is the Internet next-generation protocol, designed to replace the current Internet Protocol, IP Version 4. IPv6 is a standard developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force, an organization that develops Internet technologies. The IETF, anticipating the need for more IP addresses, created IPv6 to accommodate the growing number of users and devices accessing the Internet.




    Battery life:


    Options access point / bridge ZTE MF920



    File server:




    UPnP AV-server:The ability of the network device as a UPnP AV media server. UPnP AV (Universal Plug and Play Audio and Video) - standard, which describes the interaction of network devices for transmission and multimediynyim data management (music, movies, photos). It allows you to organize the transfer of audio and video streams, photos from the connected access point storage device to the TV or stereo system using a wireless connection. For the multimedia data requires UPnP AV-Client. It can be configured as a separate device or may be integrated into a television or stereo system. Using the access point as a wireless media server can help you get rid of connecting cables, centrally store music and movies in one place.


    Guest network:


    Bridge mode:


    Repeater mode:


    Download file:


    Connect web-camera:


    VPN ZTE MF920

    VPN (VPN pass through):


    VPN-tunnels (VPN Endpoint):


    VoIP ZTE MF920

    Built-in VoIP-adapter:


    Port Lifeline:


    Router ZTE MF920



    Built-in firewall:


    NAT:Network address translation (NAT) is a methodology of remapping one IP address space into another by modifying network address information in Internet Protocol (IP) datagram packet headers while they are in transit across a traffic routing device. The technique was originally used for ease of rerouting traffic in IP networks without renumbering every host. It has become a popular and essential tool in conserving global address space allocations in face of IPv4 address exhaustion by sharing one Internet-routable IP address of a NAT gateway for an entire private network.


    SPI:A router will also provide NAT, which will stop any packets not explicitely requested by the SPI mechanism (again, only based on IP and port) so any inbound "attacks" (scans) are stopped dead at the gateway. But it wont stop incorrect/malformed requested packets, you would need a real SPI (header inspection) to filter them. While these do not pose a real threat, it is up to you to decide whether you want them or not.


    WDS:A wireless distribution system (WDS) is a system enabling the wireless interconnection of access points in an IEEE 802.11 network. It allows a wireless network to be expanded using multiple access points without the traditional requirement for a wired backbone to link them. The notable advantage of WDS over other solutions is that it preserves the MAC addresses of client frames across links between access points.


    DHCP-server:Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a client/server protocol that automatically provides an Internet Protocol (IP) host with its IP address and other related configuration information such as the subnet mask and default gateway. RFCs 2131 and 2132 define DHCP as an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard based on Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP), a protocol with which DHCP shares many implementation details. DHCP allows hosts to obtain necessary TCP/IP configuration information from a DHCP server.


    Dynamic DNS:Dynamic DNS service is used to keep a domain name pointing to the same computer or server connected to the internet despite the fact that the address (IP address) of the computer keeps changing. This service is useful to anyone who wants to operate a server (web server, mail server, ftp server, irc server etc) connected to the Internet with a dynamic IP or to someone who wants to connect to an office computer or server from a remote location with software such as pcAnywhere.


    Demilitarized zone (DMZ):In computer networks, a DMZ (demilitarized zone) is a physical or logical sub-network that separates an internal local area network (LAN) from other untrusted networks, usually the Internet. External-facing servers, resources and services are located in the DMZ so they are accessible from the Internet but the rest of the internal LAN remains unreachable. This provides an additional layer of security to the LAN as it restricts the ability of hackers to directly access internal servers and data via the Internet.


    Static routing:


    Dynamic Routing Protocols ZTE MF920

    IGMP v1:


    IGMP v2:


    RIP v1:


    RIP v2:


    Monitoring and Configuring ZTE MF920

    Console port:


    Web-based interface:


    Telnet:Telnet is a typical terminal emulation package. This is a program that runs on your PC (microcomputer) that packages commands to run on the mainframe. Results generated by the mainframe are packaged, sent to your terminal, and interpreted by your terminal emulator for display. During a typical lab session, you will always have telnet running.


    SNMP:This chapter is about monitoring devices with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). It describes how SNMP can be used to retrieve information from remote systems, to monitor systems, and to alert you to problems. While other network management protocols exist, SNMP is currently the most commonly used.


    Reception / Transmission ZTE MF920

    Data encryption ZTE MF920

    WEP:Wireless security is the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computers using wireless networks. The most common types of wireless security are Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). WEP is a notoriously weak security standard.


    WPA:This is an encrypted network, and should be your first choice of networks. Your device must be able to support WPA2 encryption.






    Additional information ZTE MF920

    Power over Ethernet:


    Outdoor Installation:


    Connectivity of 3G-modem:


    Connectivity WiMAX-modem:


    Ability to connect LTE-modem:


    Dimensions ZTE MF920


    64 mm


    108 mm


    15 mm


    150 g

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    ZTE MF920VS Specs - CNET

    ZTE MF920VS - mobile hotspot - 4G LTE

    Part Number: ZTEMF920ABB


    • Connectivity Technology


    • Processor


    • Memory

      256 MB

    • Cellular Protocol


    • Antenna




    • Built-in Devices

      1.4-inch TFT LCD

    Interface Provided


    • Features

      wireless software upgrade

    • Data Link Protocol

      IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n

    • Compliant Standards

      IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n

    • Connectivity Technology



    • Brand


    • Product Line


    • Model


    • Packaged Quantity



    Dimensions & Weight

    • Width

      4.6 in

    • Depth

      0.6 in

    • Height

      2.6 in

    • Weight

      3.91 oz



    How To Unlock a ZTE MF910

    Select ZTE Model151810-E810811881A100A12A139A16A18A19A236A261A300A316A36A452A475A515A70A80A800A81A810A86A88A89A96A99AMIGOAndroid Device Unlock AppAT&T R225 Go-PhoneAvailAvail 2Avid 4Avid PLUSAvid TRIOAxonAxon ProAZ210AB112B792B795B815Base LuteaBingoBladeBlade 3Blade 5LBlade A110Blade A3Blade A320Blade A410Blade A450Blade A462Blade A465Blade A475Blade A5 ProBlade A512Blade AF3Blade ApexBlade Apex 2Blade B112Blade C2Blade C2 PlusBlade C341Blade DBlade D LuxBlade D6Blade D6 Lite 3GBlade D6 Lite H LTEBlade D6 Lite L LTEBlade GBlade G LuxBlade G PlusBlade G PROBlade IIBlade L2Blade L3Blade L370Blade L4 ProBlade L5Blade L6Blade QBlade Q Lux 3GBlade Q MaxiBlade Q MaxyBlade Q MiniBlade Qlux 4GBlade S6Blade S6 PlusBlade SparkBlade VBlade V170 AUSTRIABlade V220Blade V580Blade V6Blade VECBlade VEC 4GBlade XBlade X7Blade XMBlade Z MaxBlade(San Fransisco)BluebeltBlueBelt IBlueBelt IIBoost Icon NeroBoost LunaBoost MaxBoost Zume 5C2 PlusCE1588Citrine LTEConcordConcord IIConexis A1Coral 255Coral 266Coral 550Coral 555Coral 690Coral 725Coral 850Coral200 SollarCute N281Cymbal Z-320D286DELL XCD35E10Q VenezuelaE3E810E811E821SF100F101F102F103F120F165F188F230F233F286F327sF555F600F608F866F868F870F912F928F930F950F951F952FalconFit 4G SmartFuryG-N 281G-N 290G-N260G-N281G-N295G-R222G-R228G-R231G-R236MG-R250G-R260G-S203G-S213G-S215G-S511G-S512G100G230G66G70G90G92GL09P Pocket WiFiGlobal Z3GR221GR230GR231GR321Grand EraGrand MGrand MemoGrand SGrand S FlexGrand XGrand X INGrand X MaxGrand X Max 2Grand X Plus Z826Grand X Quad LiteGrand X ViewGrand X2Grand X4Grand XMGS202GX670GX671GX760GX761GX930Hop SmartHotSpot Z64i610i620i70Icon NeroJoy A1Joy A3K4201K4201-ZK4505-Z/P680A2K4510-ZK4607-ZK5006-ZK5008-ZK85K88 TabKisKis 3Kis 3 MaxKis IIIKis ProKis QKiss II MaxL110L111LF152LibraLightLight ProLight Tab V72A Aio USALinkMajesty PROMavenMaven 2Maven 3MEGAFON CP09MercurMercuryMF100MF190MF193MF197MF25MF253MF25AMF271MF271AMF275UMF283MF28B RogersMF28DMF28GMF29MF60MF61MF626MF627MF63MF631MF636MF637MF64MF65MF65MMF667MF70MF710MF730MF730MMF75MF821MF823MF83MF83MMF90MF91MF910MF910VMF915MF920MF923MF93MF93DMF96MF96AMF96GMF96UMF975SMF97AMF97BMimosa MiniMimosa XMOMODESIGN MD-2MOMODESIGN MD-3MOMODESIGN MD SmartMovstar MatchMustangN261N281N285N285 VegaN290N295N61N799DN850LN9101N9130N9132N9510N9511N9515N9516N9520Nubia 5Nubia X6Nubia Z5Nubia Z5SNubia Z5S MiniNubia Z7Nubia Z7 MaxNubia Z7 MiniNX403ANX405HNX501ObsidianOpenOpen COrange HollywoodOrange LisbonOrange MiamiOrange RioOrange RomeOrange RonoOrange San FranciscoOrange SanFransiscoORANGE VEGASOverture 2P726NP728bP729BP743tP752DPreludePrestigeR212R216-ZR221R222R225R236R255R259R260R28R286R3100R55R620R621JRacerRadiantRaiseRio IIRL500Rockstar M131S155S183S202S202 SimplyS302S309S519S522SAGESan Francisco II CrescentSCRIPTScript 64SFR 114SFR 115SFR 231SFR 232SFR 241SFR 251SFR 251 MessengerSFR 261SFR 341SFR 342SFR 343SFR 522SFR 552SilverBeltSkateSkate ProSkinnySkinny F328Skinny S50Smart Netphone 701SmartFren WideSoft StoneSoftBank 003ZSolarSonata 2Sonata 3Sonata 4GSoshphone 4GSourceSpro 2Star 1Star AddictStar TextStartext 2 By SFRT-Mobile BeatT-Mobile ZestT Mobile E200 VibeT Mobile Vairy TouchT Mobile Vairy Touch IIT Mobile Vibe E200T12T165T2T20T203T22T3T3020T50T54T760T790T792T81T815T82T83T870T930T96T98Tactile Internet 2TaniaTara 3GTELSTRA SMART TOUCH T3020TMN-Sapo A5TMN 11TMN 500Tmn Easy 10TMN EASY 50TMN Sapo A5TMN SoftstoneTMN1200TMN1210TMN500TMN5000Tuckcell T50TureisU V880U X850U289U895Universal Music PhoneUT-Starcom GPF1134V11AV55 Sprint USAV71AV71BV72CV72MV760V765MV788V788AV788DV790V795V809V811V812V813V815V815W Kiss II MaxV829V856V857V865MV875V880V880GV880HV889MV9 TabletV969V96AV970V970MV9800V985V988VagasVAIRYVairy Touch 811VaryTouch 2Viettel V6202VODAFONE - MOBILKOMVodafone 1230Vodafone 1231Vodafone 547Vodafone 550Vodafone INDIAWarp 4GWarp 7WD-670WD670WF721WF722WhirlWP659X632X670X671X672X760X761X850X930X960X990X991XiangZ-917Z221Z222Z223Z233VLZ289LZ331Z431Z432Z533Z660GZ667Z667TZ669Z716BLZ740Z740GZ755Z768GZ777Z787Z792Z795GZ798BLZ799VLZ812Z813Z820Z828Z830Z831Z832Z833Z835Z850Z88Z915 HotSpotZ917Z930LZ932LZ933Z957Z958Z959Z970Z971Z981Z982Z983Z987Z990Z992Z993Z995Z998ZestZingerZMaxZmax 2Zmax ProZong R221Zong R231ZTE-G-R222ZTE-G N220ZTE-G N261ZTE-G N281ZTE-G N285ZTE-G N290ZTE-G N295ZTE-G R221ZTE-G R222ZTE-G R225ZTE-G R228ZTE-G R230ZTE-G R231ZTE-G R236ZTE-G R236MZTE-G R250ZTE-G R260ZTE-G R321ZTE-G S202ZTE-G S202 VtelcaZTE-G S203ZTE-G S213ZTE-G S215ZTE-G S511ZTE-G S512ZTE-G S516ZTE-G T202ZTE-G X630ZTE-G X632ZTE-G X670ZTE-G X671ZTE-G X672ZTE-G X730ZTE-G X760ZTE-G X761ZTE-G X930ZTE-G X960ZTE-G X990ZTE-G X991ZTE-G Z525ZTE-G Z533ZTE-U V880ZTE AeonZTE Beeline A100ZTE CuteZTE EclipseZTE La PosteZTE LibraZTE LightZTE Light ProZTE LinkZTE N61ZTE RaiseZTE SmileZTE STARNAUTE ANDROID EDITIONZTE SydneyZTE T3020ZTE Xiang


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