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Uber Korsan NPC Bulundukları Haritalar.
Uber IntercTPtor4-5, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3
Uber Barracuda4-5, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3
Uber Saboteur4-5, 5-2
Uber Annihilator4-5, 5-2
Uber Battleray4-5
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Uber Interceptor

Kalkan Yayılımı60%
Uber Barracuda
Kalkan Yayılımı70%
Uber Saboteur
Kalkan Yayılımı70%
Uber Annihilator
Kalkan Yayılımı85%
Uber Battleray​
Kalkan Yayılımı70%
Not:Uber Battleray, Uber Interceptor üretecek.Tüm Uber korsan NPC ler, normal npc versiyonları ile aynı yeteneklere sahipler, ancak hasar almadıkları sürece, saldırmazlar.


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Uber Scoot 300W

The larger 300W is a modified version of the junior 100W, offering the same great design but with an upgraded power unit for travelling distances beyond 12km. Together with this more powerful 300W motor, 9” inflatable wheels and upgraded brakes for more controlled stopping, the 300W is able to offer unrivalled handling at higher speeds on any type of terrain.

The easy folding system also makes the 300W a pleasure for storage and together with the 100W, forms part of Uber Scoot’s entry-level sport scooter range that remains the only lightweight scooter on the market offering a convenient folding system for transportation. View all products

Design Features

  • 9” pneumatic all terrain tyres
  • Torque gearing for longer battery life
  • Ventilated front and rear disc brakes (applicable in certain regions only)
  • Sport handlebar design
  • Easy folding lock bolt system for transportation
  • Low centre of gravity for ultra-stability


Type: 300W 24V
Max Speed: 17.5km/h
Battery (Charger): 24V 7AH SLA (110V - 240V)
Charge Range: 14km (about 40 minutes)
Charge Time: 4-6 hours
Charge Cycles: Approximately 250
Final Transmission: Chain
Starting System: Button


Brakes: Rear ventilated disc (applicable to certain regions only)
Tyre Size: Front and rear 9" inflatable
Suspension: N/A
Handlebar Setup: Sport


Length (L x W x H): 915 x 215 x 1,070mm
Seat Height: 620-730mm (adjustable)
Wheelbase: 715mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: 65mm
Weight with Battery Pack: 18kg


Max Rider Weight: 75kg
Recommended Age: 6-12 years
Rider Level: All levels
Application: Recreation
EU (EEC) Road Legal: No


Uber Phone Number - Ride Sharing Revolution

UberX, Uber Phone Number: Find out the faster way to customer service care contact number.This is the direct way to get phone number, you can always send a contact request: http://support.uber.com/hc/en-us/requests/newBut as for now there is no direct Uber customer service care contact phone number: 1-800-000-000 for Uber. You just have this request page using which you can expect a call back sooner or later. Uber request can be used if customer have lost item in an Uber car and would like to get Uber driver’s contact phone number. Click Here for a FREE $15 Uber Ride Credit!

Best way to get uber customer service Help?  Open your Uber App >> Tap on the Top Left Profile Icon >> Tap On “History” >> Tap On the Ride you need help for >> Tap on “Need Help?” >> Select the option and provide all the information.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get help from Uber customer care support/service.

If customer want to contact Uber driver for any reason, like correction of address, inquiring about time, customer can always contact Uber driver from the Uber app. The Uber app will place a call to the Uber driver when customer choose to call driver. Always try to save the Uber driver’s phone number as it will save customer a lot of inconvenience. The Uber phone number customer get while requesting a ride is not the Uberx driver’s real phone number, but by calling this phone number customer will able to reach the Uber driver. Recently, Uber decided to mask the Uber customer and driver phone numbers because Uber customers were concerned about their privacy. Once an Uber driver complete a trip, he/she will not be able to call the customer, saving the customer from solicitation and other safety concerns.

Who is Uber?

Uber is an iPhone, Android and Windows app that seamlessly connect drivers with riders in real time.  Uber has made on demand transportation much more convenient and reliable in all the major cities in the United States as well as around the world. Just 5 years in business, Uber has reached over 100 cities worldwide and rapidly growing into new cities. Uber is a venture based company backed by big venture capitalist companies like Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Bezos Expedition and Menlo Ventures.

Initially, Uber started as a black car on-demand service. Uber black car service includes sedans: Lincoln towncar, BMW 7-series, Chrysler 300, Mercedes Benz S500 series and SUV: Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe and Suburban.  Uber’s black car service gained popularity when it started in San Francisco and expanded to other metropolitan cities like Seattle, New York, etc. At the same time apps like Lyft and Sidecar came along offering a different kind of service known as ride sharing. As Uber saw Lyft getting popular in ride sharing service, they decided to launch UberX for serving the ride sharing community.  Now, UberX is the most popular service providing more rides than the black car service.

Uber has revolutionized the taxi and limousine service with its one tap ride sharing mobile app. This ride sharing mobile app has increased the convenience for both the rider and driver. Customers always faced the problem of not knowing when there taxi or limousine will arrive. They had to call the taxi dispatch service and a lot of times did not get a satisfactory answer. With the arrival of this mobile app service you are able to track your drivers movement in real time. And a big plus is that if your driver is going towards a wrong address you can always call the Uberx Drivers phone number and provide them directions to reach you. The driver is also able to reach you quickly as they get your location on a map and they are able to choose their route accordingly. It has been a big leap forwards in the transpiration service. Uber have not only made on demand transportation easier but also a lot safer for both driver and rider. Both the driver and customers details and locations are available and checked at any time. Introduction of rating on both sides is also a positive which Uber has introduced. Drivers and customers are able to rate each other which eliminates many bad factors like bad driving and rude behavior etc.

Uber Partners – Drive with Uber as an Independent Contractor (Partners)

Uber partners are, in fact what makes Uber such a great service. People who drive for Uber, as Uber call them “partners” are held on to certain standard of service and behavior. Without such standard, Uber partners, I assume would act just like taxi drivers, who don’t have much respect for their customers. The reason Uber drivers called Uber partners is because none of the drivers are employed by Uber, and Uber does not provide their cars either. Uber works as high tech dispatching company, eliminating the dispatcher a customer would call, with an elegant app for iPhone, Android and Windows.

UberX, Uber Surge Pricing (negative user feedback) – Many Uber customers complain about the surge pricing. But it is a very useful tool for keeping the rides available to customers who urgently need it. If you need to get to an important meeting, catch a plane or any other situation where there is a sense of urgency, price surge is a very helpful tool. Considering the fact that you are mostly not paying any tips to drivers and getting cheap rides, you save money which can be used for a ride when it is important for you. Open market is always more successful then a closed loop where the service providers get a chance to adjust the prices according to demand. Surge pricing is applied by the consent of the user, it is not something which is hidden. This tool also provides a way of motivation for the Uber drivers to serve their clients in an effective way and reap the benefits. My opinion is that Uber customers should use this tool provided by Uber to their benefit. If it is removed their application will become inefficient like Taxi and become unpopular.

Tips from uber phone number dot com on how to order your uberx and uber rides in a better way;1. Checking the location is very important. A major mistake is in placing the pin. Uber application is not able to always detect your location. If you are able to provide your location to the driver accurately it will be a big help.2. Message or call the driver if you feel that your pin location is not accurate. This will give him a heads up. It is a good practice in downtown where there are one ways and the driver has to go over a block if the pin is at a wrong place.3. Always try to find a good spot for pickup in busy downtown areas. Some times riders stand towards the bus only lanes or in no stop zones which makes difficult for the driver to park and wait for the rider. Sometimes this also leads to traffic congestion.Lets be helpful to each other and try to create a better way to ride.

Uber Phone Number Dot Com would like to ask Uber to improve its customers support service as people are happy with their service but angry on their customer support. It is very common for customers to forget stuff in Uber Partner Cars or have some problems with fare charges. If they have to wait long time to get their problem solved customers will get frustrated and try to find companies which listen to them and solve their problems in an efficient way. If Uber can improve on their customer support service they will keep expanding their user group and creating substantial number of jobs in the transport sector.

Uber Insurance Issue : Many people fear that Uber partners don’t have proper insurance coverage, but the truth is that they have to get $1 million of coverage for driver liability. And even if the fault is of the other party who may be uninsured or under insured, still Uber partner and rider is insured up to $1 million. Uber has also added contingent comprehensive and collision insurance for the duration of the trips which will cover up to $50,000/incident and has a a $1,000 deductible. So Uber or UberX partner cars cover the same insurance coverage as the Taxi Companies. So the riders should not be fearful regarding the insurance coverage.




Uber Revenue and Usage Statistics 2017

Uber Technologies Inc is the maker of transportation app Uber, which enables customers to book drivers using their own cars. It is the best example of an economy sector disrupting company, essentially it is on a mission to replace a taxi as old-school public transportation globally. It was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009 with the app released in June 2010, initially the service was an attempt to provide an affordable black car service that later morphed into hail-riding giant company with a multi-billion revenue.

In 2015 the company was busy launching the Uber Advanced Technology Center in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon, as well as car sharing service UberPOOL in LA and NYC, as well as food delivery services UberFRESH and UberEATS.

China’s Baidu was reported to invest $600m in December 2014, though precise financial figures of the deal were not disclosed. In August 2016 due to inability to compete with Chinese hail-riding rival company Didi Chuxing, Uber sold its operations in China to Didi.

Since its launch the app has sparked protests in cities such as Paris, Berlin and London from cab drivers threatened by its low prices. The app has since been banned in Berlin by the government, and the firm’s application for a new licence in London has been rejected, pending an appeal by Uber. Overall, Uber statistics alone can’t do justice of describing the company growth trajectory, we need to mention that over the years it was involved in some really intense controversy. At 2017 the number of scandals around the Uber’s brand simply skyrocketed and it lead to the company CEO Travis Kalanick resignation in June of 2017, although he remains on the board of the company.

One of the most important contributing factors to the Uber growth has been its focus on developing own self-driving cars technology and it was even pointed out to be an existential question for the company. In May 2017 the company’s self-driving group internal document was revealed and it brought to the light of the day the first Uber stats that showed how far it’d come towards having fully-autonomous cars. Uber’s test cars drove 20,000+ miles, number of miles driven autonomously were going up but test drivers had to take over a car basically every mile.

Throughout 2009-2016 time period Uber in total raised about $11.5 billion from 14 rounds of venture capital and private equity investors.


Let’s walk through a number of Uber stats that collectively help us to build a comprehensive picture of the Uber’s growth.

 Uber Key Data Points

  • Uber service is available in 83 countries and over 674 cities worldwide (Source: Uber)
  • Uber fulfills 40 million rides monthly and has over 77% of US ride-hailing market (Source: Wiki)
  • Total number of rides by 2016 – 2 billion (Source: Forbes)
  • Uber gross revenue 2016 – $20 billion (Source: BusinessInsider)
  • Uber net revenue 2016 – $6.5 billion (Source: BusinessInsider)
  • Venture capital raised – $11.5 billion (Source: Crunchbase)
  • Uber valuation in 2017 – $69 billion (Source: Bloomberg)
  • Uber driver’s average income – $364 / month (Source: Ernest.com)
  • In the US, Uber has over 160,000 active drivers, receiving $656.8m of payments during Q4 2014 (Source: Benenson Strategy Group)
  • 14% of its drivers are female (Source: Uber)
  • The top two reasons for drivers to choose Uber are higher income (91%) and work-day flexibility (87%) (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • It’s largest competitor Lyft generates a fraction of net revenue ($700 million) compared to Uber ($6.5 billion) (Source: FutureAdvisor)
  • However, Uber has given Lyft a boost – generating greater engagement on the app (Source: Forbes)

Uber’s Growth

According to Uber, in 2017 Uber customer number reached 40 million / month and by May of this year Uber’s share of the United States ride hailing market was 77%. The company’s fast rise to success directly correlates with the decrease in traditional taxi usage.

How many people use Uber vs. taxi vs car rental

Source: bizjournals.com

A good indicator of the hail-riding service popularity is its adoption in big cities. Let’s take a look at Uber users number against Lyft and Yellow Taxi in New York. According to Todd W. Schneider blog from May 2015 to September 2016 we see a steep decline in how many times a Yellow Taxi was called in the Big Apple, from over 400k to 300k times. Uber grew from than 100k to over 200k and Lyft demonstrated a rather modest growth, from next to zero to about 40k times.

NYC Daily Trips: Yellow Taxi, Uber and Lyft

Source: Toddwshnier.com

Given the fast rise of smartphone adoption globally, Uber’s success doesn’t come as a surprise. But there are many reasons why customers prefer to book Uber versus taxis. Among those are: clear overview of pricing prior to booking, one-tap rides, follow drivers on map, cashless convenience, fare splitting as well as feedback options.

Taxi versus Uber services

Source: slideshare.net

Uber Drivers Income

Despite being the biggest startup company on the planet, Uber is only one of several companies that collectively present today’s sharing economy. Below you can see the 2017 data complied by Earnest.com that compare average and median income of workers from Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Etsy, Lyft and several other companies. On this chart Uber takes the 4th place with $364/month, after  Airbnb with an average income of a host $924, TaskRabbit workers with $380/month and another hail-riding company Lyft drivers with $377 / month.

Average and median monthly income per sharing economy worker

Source: Earnest.com

SherpaShare platform for independent workers report provides data that compares Uber and Lyft drivers earnings in different US cities. According to the data published in summer of 2016 for the US top 20 cities, Uber drivers an average monthly earning was $14 / trip and Lyft drivers earnings were pretty much alined with this figure.

Uber vs. Lyft average earning per trip in 2015

Source: SherpaShare

Now let’s look at how Uber’s trip fares varies in different cities in US. The same SherpaShare reveals figures for trip fares in 6 top US cities. The average fare trip in New York city beats other 5 cities, as well as the national average, with $24 plus per trip against $12 national wide and less than $14 for Austin, San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore and Nashville.

Average cross fare per trip, January – May 2015

Source: SherpaShare

Number of Uber Drivers

Because Uber was launched 7 plus years ago in United States, it’s interesting to answer the question – how many drivers does Uber have in the US by now?

Findings by Benenson Strategy Group show that Uber had over 160,000 active drivers by the end of 2014 in the US, receiving total payments of $656.8m during Q4 2014 from the company. By 2017 the total number of Uber drivers worldwide passed 1.5 million.

Active Uber drivers

Source: amazonaws.com

Interestingly, the study found that 14% of drivers were female, exceeding the percentage of women taxi and chauffeur drivers. 71% of Uber drivers have family at home and prefer the flexibility that Uber allows them.

Large number of Uber drivers in the US are female

Source: newsroom.uber.com

Now, on top of the how many people drive for Uber, it’s interesting to analyze their retention rate. Due to its low barriers to entry and flexible options, many drivers test Uber. However, continuation rates drop off steadily over time.

Uber driver continuation rates half over 12 months

Source: amazonaws.com

A survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics adds that the reason why many drivers choose Uber is that 87% of them wish to be their own boss. 85% want to have a better life-work balance. Interestingly, 51% of Uber drivers only work 15 hours or less per week. However, the top reason for driving with Uber is still a demand to earn a higher income for 91%.

Why are people choosing to drive with Uber?

Source: newsroom.uber.com

Uber Revenue

In August of 2015 Uber internal documents were leaked and it gave general public a rare opportunity to take a look at Uber growth rate. In 2014, one and a half year after the company launched UberX, which allowed anybody to join Uber and ride people using their own car, total revenue was $2.9 billion. In 2015 that number skyrocketed to 10 billion and in 2016 Uber managed to double its annual gross revenue.

Uber growth chart (gross revenue) 2014-2016, in billions

Source: BusinessInsider

The net revenue growth looks similar to the gross revenue one,  in 2014 Uber earned $500 million, in 2015 it tripled its net revenue – it reached $1.5 billion and in 2016 the company managed to go north from $6.5 billion. This trajectory may look spectacular, except the fact that by the end of 2016 Uber’s adjusted net loss was $2.8 billion and if we factor in the loss from selling its China subsidiary, it most likely passed $3 billion mark.

Uber net revenue 2014-2016, in billions 

Source: BusinessInsider

To put Uber’s revenue in perspective, let’s stack Uber and Lyft’s revenue for the 2014-2016 time period to see how both companies performed over the course of the last several years. The fundamental difference between companies go-to-market strategies, how Uber has been aggressive in its marketing and Lyft’s soft approach to its expansion result in significant revenue difference. In 2014 Uber generated $0.5 billion and Lyft only $130 million, in 2015 Uber managed to triple its net revenue and reached $1.5 billion mark, while Lyft generated only $300 million. In 2016 Uber net revenue reached a whopping $6.5 billion but Lyft finished that year with only $700.

Uber vs. Lyft net revenue 2014-2016, in billions

Source: FutureAdvisor

Uber vs. Lyft

Now let’s put the number of Uber’s booked rides year over year in perspective and compare it with its closest viral Lyft. In 2014 Uber passengers booked 172 million rides and Lyft riders only 18, by 2015 Uber managed to provide 1 billion rides, while Lyft only 54 million.

By mid 2016 Uber had 2 billion booked rides and counting, while Lyft was still barely seen in its rare mirror with 163 million. Such drastic difference between number of rides can be explained by the fact the Uber operates globally in 600 cities and Lyft is available only in US.

Number of rides Uber vs Lyft, in millions

Source: Forbes

Given Uber’s head start, it outscores Lyft significantly when spending on both apps is compared. At a total of $28.6m spent on both services (as of May 2014), Uber took the majority share of $26.4m and Lyft $2.2m. Uber had up to six times more new rides per month and a total of 1.23m rides. However, Lyft rides were an average $8 cheaper than Uber.

Uber vs Lyft

Source: fortune.com

When comparing users of Uber and Lyft it becomes evident that customers of the two platforms aren’t all that different. Whilst more women (58%) than men (42%) use Lyft, Uber user genders are fairly close in terms of percentage. Both on Lyft as well as Uber, the age group taking the most rides are the 25-34 year-olds.

Uber vs Lyft user profiles

Source: 5isolutionsinc.com

However, the latest data research from Wefi Intelligence, which tracks mobile user analytics anonymously, shows that Uber’s success may have inadvertendly given Lyft a boost. Over the first four months in 2015, the percentage of Uber users who installed Lyft (green line) has grown, rising from 6% to 10%.

Uber boosts Lyft

Source: forbes.com

Perhaps even more interesting, the competitor is generating higher engagement than Uber. Wefi shows that people with Lyft installed were more likely to open that app than Uber users.

Lyft sparks greater engagement

Source: forbes.com

Uber Valuation

The above mentioned impressive record of investments made by venture capitals into Uber leads to equally impressive Uber current valuation. To get a sense of perspective, let’s stack up Uber evaluation overtime next to other Unicorn startups. In 2013 Uber valuation was $3.9 billion, while Palantir Technologies big data analysis startup was already evaluated $9 billion and Snapchat image messaging app jumped from $2 to 7 billion by the end of 2013. In 2014 Uber valuation got a huge venture capital kick and reached $19 billion and ever since Uber never let other Unicorn startups to pass it. Uber valuation 2017 is $68 billion.

Valuation History for Selected Unicorn Startups

Source: CBInsights

Hail-riding companies industry is dominated by Uber but not limited to this San-Francisco-based transportation company. According to the latest disclosed valuation numbers, the overall chart that stacks Uber next to its closest rivals looks like the following. It consists of Didi Chuxing, Chinese hail-riding giant that Uber failed to compete with, with $34 billion, Lyft with $7.5 billion, Ola Cabs, an Indian online transportation network company, with $3.5, Grab, the Malaysian company that offers wide range of ride-hailing and logistics services, with $3 billion and finally Careem, the Dubai-based transportation network company, with $1 billion.

Valuations of Learning Ride-hailing Companies, April 2017

Source: TheAtlas.com

Final Thoughts

For the last seven years Uber went the path from a small startup to one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Along with Aibnb, it gave the world a new type of economy – a sharing-economy. Its gross revenue in 2016 reached $20 billion but it also lost $2,8 billion and it goes to show you another facet of the company –  despite its phenomenal track of success, it’s very unstable and it may hurt its potential to gain more venture capital down the road. It grew several times of the size its closest rival Lyft but it seems like it begins to boost its market share in US.

The company’s China go-to-market strategy was a particularly interesting  case. Uber tried to conquer it exactly the way it did in other countries – by brute force, by aggressive pricing and what-ever-it-takes marketing moves to circumnavigate local regulations and it lost. On other hand, Lyft took radically different path – it’s been growing way more cautiously and it seems like in a long run this strategy will pay off. In 2017 Uber’s market shared shrunk from 84 to 77% and most likely that 7% went to Lyft, the second biggest hail-riding company.

The self-driving cars technology aims to give the company an advantage over its competitors in generating revenue, by cutting off on paying its drivers, which won’t be needed anymore once self-driving cars begin to roam roads and highways. As of 2017 it remains to be seen when Uber’s self-driving cars fleet will begin to operate, as of this year the program is still in beta.

Perhaps the biggest issue that Uber has been facing is its leadership and specifically Travis Kolanick leadership issues. In many ways the company’s future directly depends on how the company will manage to drive out, pun intended, its current crisis.


Flat 80% OFF, FREE RIDE Promo Code, Feb 2018

About UBER Are you among those who find public transportation not-less-than a hassle for daily commute? If so, then you no longer have to rely on the traditional modes of transport as UBER is here, to offer you an excellent ride experience. Currently, the company carries out its operations in more than 66 countries and 449 cities all over the world. Post its launch and success, various other companies have started following its business model, or in simple terms a trend, which is now popularly called as “Uberification”.

Based in the United States, UBER is an online transportation network company that runs through the UBER mobile application. The company forayed into the Indian market in 2014. Initially, its services commenced in Bangalore, followed by New Delhi, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Udaipur, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Nagpur, Vadodara, Mysore, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Nashik, Guwahati, Chandigarh, Indore, Jaipur, Mangalore, Ajmer, Pune, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad. 

UBER mobile app for the android and the iPhone is a platform that allows smartphone users to book cab service at anytime and anywhere in India. Other highlights of this service is its affordability and free rides on your first booking that gives you the freedom to travel without worrying about a budget. 

Functioning of UBER mobile application UBER mobile app is designed to simplify the process of booking cab/car services. It gives users a good access to all its services, be it UberGo, UberPOOL, UberX, or UberSUV in less time. You can in fact, book a cab and expect the driver to reach your location in just about 15 to 20 minutes. The app also provides you the vehicle’s details, and a picture of the driver. Besides, you can also track the vehicle’s arrival on the Google maps. With the launch of UberGO, a swanky new range of low cost, chauffeur-driven hatchbacks such as Etios Liva and Maruti Ritz that roll onto the streets of India, availing commercial cab services just got a lot cheaper. Think of hiring a cab at a price cheaper than autos rickshaws. Uber Bike Taxis is also launched in certain parts of India as a motorbike campaign to further daily commute.

Takes care of business needs Business travel becomes quite easy, convenient and cheap with Uber Promo Code. Its UberX option makes the price cheaper by 40% as compared to a taxi. UBER allows only in-policy trips and all trips are automatically billed to the company. If luxury travel is what you seek, you may opt for UberSUV which gives you a wide range of high-end SUV fleet of cars to choose from.In addition, it also ensures safe rides by doing background checks of the UBER driver-partners through a screening process, and occasional car inspections. 

What is UberPOOL all about?  UberPOOL is another great option from the company that lets you share your ride with another user heading in the same direction. This way, both the riders can split the cost of the trip and save on money. Availing UberPOOL service is quite easy. You just have to select the UberPOOL service, choose your pickup location and destination. The service looks for, finds and connects you with another rider heading the same way. Users need not pay cash once they reach their desired location as the company automatically charges the credit card, which users have on file. Meanwhile, trips planned through UberPOOL are up to 50% cheaper. In case, you are not connected with another rider, you can still avail 20% discount based on the standard uberX rates.

Ride with Coupons GrabOn makes cab services more convenient and affordable for users by offering UBER coupons. Users can simply go through the listed offers and select whichever they find suitable. Some coupons give you discounts on your first ride, while some also offer cashback. Other services include free in-car Wifi and a wide range of payment options. 

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Install UBER mobile app on your smartphone and start booking a cab using the promo codes to enjoy the best ride experience at a low price. Some of our favorite coupon codes is GRAB50. Make payments through credit or debit cards or even through your PayTM wallet and drive around at the lowest price available. 

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  2. Add GRAB50 in your Promo Codes.
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You can now enjoy a free UBER ride across all cities in India with GrabOn’s exclusive UBER Promo Code -GRAB50. This offer is valid for new users only. So you can now get your first ride on demand absolutely for free. You can use their service to ride within intercity as well. GrabOn regularly updates coupons for its new users and its existing users. So why wait? Grab this offer now!

UberMOTO - More Affordable. More Convenient Uber is now offering motorcycle rides through it's UberMOTO services. Scheduled to go live in Hyderabad from January 2017, UberMOTO offers fares as low as Rs 20 for the first 3 kms and Rs 5/km thereafter. Have you ever felt that the traffic is horrible to take the public transport but taking a cab might cost you more, well fear not UberMOTO is here to help you out with quick and affordable transportation facilities. Needless to say it's reliable as well, even requiring the rider to wear helmet for safety reasons. 


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